Google Was Almost on TV?

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Google Was Almost on TV
Chris Crum  | Staff Writer

Google is straying from its old ways and moving more toward traditional advertising methods, says the Wall Street Journal. We're not seeing Google commercials on TV yet, but could that be on the horizon?

Apparently, Google employees had plans of slipping a Google ad in during the Olympics, but Sergey and Larry weren't having it, because such an ad wouldn't "fit the company's image."

WSJ reports:

But there are signs that the internal debate is causing Google to shake-off of its reluctance to advertise. The search giant has recently held discussions with several Madison Avenue agencies, including Wieden + Kennedy and the boutique firm Taxi New York, about new efforts to promote some products, according to people familiar with the matter.

Emang apa pengaruh atau dampaknya ya, kalo si Google ada di TV? Emang ngaruh gitu?

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Anonymous said...

Aku sih nggak pengaruh apa-apa,mas.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm.....asik pak..

Anonymous said...

@bang ir...yang asik apanya nih bang..koq tiba2 asik aja..hihi

Anonymous said...

ngaruh? kayaknya gak deh.. tapi pasti bikin Yahoo! gerah. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

@muni..yang paling gerah mungkin Eyang Bill Gates...udah-lah ga dapet Yahoo, malah si Google merambah kemana2..