Visiting and exploring a new place gives us memorable experiences. All of us understand that reason is the one makes us go on vacation or holiday. The preparation before we go to the destination is also interesting thing to do. If we realize, each step we do for preparing the vacation is always new experience, including the packing part.

Bringing to much stuff when travelling will only makes us suffer. Sometimes, it leads our purpose to something new. If our budget is limited, some problems usually occur related to the stuffs and baggage. If we want to make interesting and fun vacation, there are tips we can apply to lighten up our load. We can prepare and load stuffs in one bag. Taking a rucksack is one answer to accommodate all stuffs we have, but we have to make sure that it must be able to be taken onto the plane as carry-on.

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Before we go for the travelling, we can make preparation and lists about what necessary things must be brought. Reducing unimportant items will be the next steps we must do. If we thing that the items could be reduced, it is the time for doing it. The next step is let’s packing. If we have done all those packing steps, it means let‘s travelling.

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