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Can we really making money with Project Wonderful? Is there any proof of payment from them? I already put their ad box on my blog since a year ago and until now have received the fifth payment from them. Project Wonderful is an online advertising broker with an innovative model that brings fairness, transparency, and profitability to the advertising process!

On Project Wonderful, ad spaces are sold using an auction model. Advertisers bid on a per day basis, not based on clicks. The highest bid gets the spot. They offer a broad range of ad formats which are very customizable. Publishers can manually approve ads or auto accept them based on content ratings.

Your website can earn you money every second of every day. With Project Wonderful, advertisers come to you, and you can approve each of their ads before they run -- or you can just sit back and let your site earn on its own. You're always in complete control of your advertising, and you can cancel any bid at any time.

As a publisher on Project Wonderful, you decide how and where want ads to appear on your site. You can choose the type of ads you want (graphical, text, animated, static) and their size (banner ads, skyscraper ads, and so on). Once you've added our code to your site, the auction has begun!

Here’s my payment proof from Project Wonderful:


The most thing that I like from Project Wonderful is : they don't hold your earnings hostage! You can request a pay out as soon as you've earned at least $10 (take note, they will charge $1.00 per withdrawal). To compare, Google AdSense only pays you when you've earned $100, and if you never earn that much, they keep the money. Plus, Project Wonderful won't claim "click fraud" and take your earnings away at the last minute.

As an alternative to make money online and earn money from your blog, please join Project Wonderful by clicking the below banner. Have a wonderful day :-)

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