Numerous expert acknowledge that there are an organic compound in a garlic (Allium sativum) known by Allicin, which is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Allicin is a natural content that supplies the strong flavor and odor of garlic. Garlic has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Even 3000 years BC, Chinese poets have been testing and writing the benefits of garlic.

Garlic for health benefits have been very popular in society since ancient times. Besides the benefit for sex stamina booster, garlic now be ascertained able to ward off the flu, stomach worms eradicate, treat arthritis, relieve insomnia, and other.

Here some benefits of garlic:

Garlic benefits: Flu and Cough Medicines

it proved that the sulfur contained in garlic produces a distinguishing aroma and taste which could improve and speed up the activities in the mucous membrane of the respiratory pathway, and then it assists to relieve a clogged nose and throat and dispatch mucus. Raw garlic contains phytochemicals that helps our body to kill bacteria and viruses causing the disease

Garlic benefits: Decreasing Cholesterol

there are more than 12 analyses issued around the world assure that a lot of configurations of garlic can bring down cholesterol. another advantage of garlic is scaling down hypertension which also reduces the risk of heart attack

Garlic benefits: Healing Cancer

organosulfide in garlic helps liver to process the dangerous chemical substance, including chemical compounds that cause cancer. From numerous epidemiological studies, it is reasoned out that people who take in more garlic have lower risk of stomach and colon cancer.

Garlic benefits: Maintaining Pregnancy

recent research indicates garlic intake during pregnancy can trim down the risk of pre-eclampsia gestation complication. Analyzes disclose that garlic can speed up the slow growth of infant weight. Eating up garlic on a regular basis can cut down those complications.

Healing Hemorrhoids

those who has the hemorrhoids disease may use garlic as the most useful heal only by rubbing it around the anus and the disease will be gradually healed. This is how the procedure goes. Firstly, make clean the anal area with warm water and soap, then rub the pounded garlic 3-5 times. Keep it for a few moments before cleaning it up

Increasing Stamina

chinese elders conceive that daily consume of garlic could gain stamina as garlic contains substances which able to expand stamina for people who are vulnerable to disease.

Those are some benefits of garlic. Some experts advised that garlic should not be consumed in the raw, because it interfere with the stomach, preferably boiled, fried, or baked first. Seemingly it does not require an expensive treatment to prevent and cure diseases, does it?

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Great post. I prefer herbal medicine now...