The Cultures of Far East Countries


Japan is one country in the Far East where so many interesting cultures and attractions could be found. Summer and winter are two important seasons for the Japanese; they usually give something to their beloved ones. The gifs they give show their love. O-seibo and O-chugen are the gifts they usually give to friends and colleagues.

O-chugen was adapted from China. There in China, giving something to the gods is normal and regularly celebrated. They also give some gifts to their ancestors on the second day. O-chugen is celebrated during the summer. If we are travelling to Japan on that season, we will easily find that culture. We must also know that in Japan, daughters who married at the far away land are expected to come back in the end of the year. They will celebrate what called as O-seibo, which is celebration to offer gifts to their ancestors.

However, when we are travelling in Japan we will only find that culture because there are still so many other celebrations. For us who live in western world, such attractions are interesting because we never have it before. Travelling to the Far East countries like Japan and China makes us understand their cultures even just some of it.


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Hi Bro Budiawan,
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