Microsoft to SHUT DOWN Windows Live Messenger Service from 15 March 2013


Microsoft in the Month of January 2013 announced plans to shut down its Messenger service which is formerly known by Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger. The plan would involve enabling users to move down to Skype from 15 March 2013.

Over 100 million users of the service were notified by email over short period of time except those in mainland China where Microsoft have extended the life of Windows Live Messenger in that particular area for an undisclosed period of time.

It will be evident from 15 March 2013 that Messenger users will be unable to sign into Messenger and use the service. From the proposed date Microsoft encourage to download Skype from where one can exchange instant-messages and have chats with your Messenger friends. The only advantage is that one can use his or her Windows Live login ID for login to Skype.

Skype started testing Windows and Mac releases last year in the month of September 2012 which allowed users to use their Windows Live accounts to login to Skype and send and receive instant messages and check if their friends were online across the whole array of Windows sites such as Xbox, Outlook, Hotmail, and Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger had a flourishing community as it is demonstrated by the sheer number of emails distributed.

source: jagranjosh[dot]com

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