Tropic vacation Paradise of SAINT MARTIN


Have you ever heard about Saint Martin or Sint Maarten? Just for information, Saint Martin is the smallest island in the world. The island is part of Caribbean archipelago that shared by two countries. Today, Saint Martin is known by tourists from all over globe because of its magnificent beaches. That is why; tourists who have ever visited the island call it as vacation paradise.

When we are talking about Saint Martin, we cannot forget its long history and Concordia Agreement that was made by French and Dutch in 17th century. The agreement is still active and becomes the oldest undisputed treaty. Travelling to Saint Martin means exploring magnificent lagoon named Simpson Bay Lagoon, which is the biggest lagoon in Caribbean. So many sailboats and yachts use the lagoon as home. There are also accommodations such as hotels, restaurants, condominiums and time-shares along Simpson Bay Lagoon accommodating tourists who travelling there.

For international tourists, there is special jet that provided to take them anywhere across the globe. Tourists admit that Saint Martin is one of the best travelling destinations in the world. The island is so magnificent for people who love beaches with warm blue water, exotic cocktails, shopping, relaxing accommodations and adventures.

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vacation paradise of saint martin

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