While you see at a person with diabetes, you would never recognize it, they appear healthy on the outside. The diabetics look healthy from outside. As is applies true when the parents look at their children. Because they look healthy from outside the parents even cannot commence to imagine that their child is having signs of diabetes. What are the early signals and symptoms of child diabetes?

Diabetes in child is normally known as juvenile diabetes and is also mainly the type 1 diabetes. It is the most common type of diabetes in children with between 90-95% of cases diagnosed being 16 years or under. Juvenile or child diabetes is commonly caused by the bodies inability to produce insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which modifies the glucose in the energy needed by the body. It is an auto immune disease which causes the bodies own defenses to attack the bodies organs or tissues. In the last 25 years has increased three fold. In the US and Europe type 2 diabetes is starting to become more common.

Symptoms of child diabetes

The quality of the childreen’s life may depend on being able to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in children. It is a hard truth that it is difficult to identify the signs of diabetes in children. Unfortunately for parents, sometimes it can be hard to identify the symptoms of diabetes in children.

The following list will help to identify the child diabetes symptoms :

  • Frequent thirst and desire of sweet drinks as child suffering from diabetes urinates very often.
  • Unusual urination due to high level of glucose in the blood as when there is high level of sugar in the body kidneys start getting rid of it.
  • Irritability and changes in the behavior.
  • Sudden drop in the weight of the child because body uses fat and proteins for energy in place of glucose.
  • Extreme fatigue and weakness in the child.
  • Changes in the eyesight the child may have blurred vision.
  • Acute symptoms as nausea and vomiting.
  • Increased appetite in the child.
  • In untreated and undiagnosed cases diabetic acidosis is seen also known as diabetic coma.
  • Child may complain of dry mouth and throat.
  • Pain in abdomen.
  • In toddlers and infants diaper rashes are seen which are not improved after the application of medicated creams (Jitesh Arora :

    Diabetes cause the blood sugar level to stay elevated for a considerable period of time. Untreated diabetes can cause serious damage. Such as kidney damage, increased likelihood of infections, damage to the eyes. Poor blood circulation to the legs and feet. Damage to the nerves and feet and a significantly increased likelihood of stroke and heart disease.

    If you see the above symptoms of diabetes in childreen, get your child tested for diabetes immerdiately. Don’t wait. The test is simple and painless. The longer you wait the more difficult the disease can be to control. Doctors diagnose diabetes by testing for glucose and ketones in the urine and by measuring glucose levels in blood through fasting and non-fasting glucose count. It is crucial to follow the physician's treatment plan to avoid serious side effects.

    The best way to control blood sugar in the blood is with proper diet and exercise. Be sure the childreen have a healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep the children active. They won't be deprived if they don't spend hours a day watching TV or playing computerized games. If you feel that your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should make an appointment with your doctor without delay. Nothing is more important than the health of your child.

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